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Existing VCTs

Entertainment VCTs 1 & 2

The Ingenious Entertainment VCTs invest in the entertainment sector targeting concerts, festivals, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, theatrical productions and other entertainment-based content. These investments seek to benefit from the significant growth in the UK live events market, reflecting the continuing increase in household spending in this sector.

Following the successful launch of the Ingenious Entertainment VCTs in November 2007, Ingenious launched a further C Share offer in 2009, a D Share offer in 2010, an E and F Share offers in 2011, a G Share offer in 2012 and H Share offers in 2013. Today, the Ingenious Entertainment VCTs continue to be among the largest specialist funds in the media sector.

Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 plc and Ingenious Entertainment VCT 2 plc are managed by Ingenious Ventures, a trading division of Ingenious Capital Management Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.