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Ingenious Entertainment VCT 2

General Meeting and Class Meetings - 08 December 2016

1. Notice of General Meetings and Class Meetings

The notices and proxy forms are contained in the Circular below. The proxy results are also below.

2. Total number of shares and voting rights

As at close of business on 10 November 2016 the total number of voting rights and the total number of shares issued by Ingenious Entertainment VCT 1 plc was 17,382,727. (This includes the ‘D’ ordinary share, the ‘E’ ordinary share, the ‘F’ ordinary share, the 'G' ordinary share and the ‘H’ ordinary share classes). The total numbers of shares in issue in each class and the total numbers of voting rights that members are entitled to exercise in respect of each class are as follows:

  • D Shares of 1p - 6,785,624
  • E Shares of 1p - 2,846,122
  • F Shares of 1p - 1,572,095
  • G Shares of 1p - 3,518,044
  • H Shares of 1p - 2,660,842